Jewellery & Watch Services

We offer same day repairs! 

Monbulk Jewellers have provided the town of Monbulk and the surrounding suburbs with a full range of jewellery watch and clock repairs and services for over 25 years.

Our skilled jeweller now has a full workshop on site, where all jewellery repairs and makes are completed. We also have a diamond setter, a traditional clock maker, a gemmologist/diamond grader and a jewellery designer who make up our specialist staff and enable us to provide you with prompt, quality services.

Jewellery Repairs

We offer a full range of jewellery repair services. Our jeweller's workshop is now on site, enabling us to provide same day turn around for small jewellery repairs on weekdays and a very fast and turn around time for all makes and complex repairs. 

We stand by our workmanship and prices, offering top quality repairs, with our meticulous jeweller using only the finest quality tools and materials in all of his work.

If you have been to another jeweller and are not happy with the results please pay us a visit, often we are able to rectify poor workmanship and can have your jewellery looking as good as new again. 

Custom Jewellery Design & Makes

The jewellery design process

Design your jewellery:

The owner of Monbulk Jewellers is a fine artist (check out his painting when you visit) and can expertly turn your ideas into a workable jewellery design. Consultations can be booked to start to process via phone or email, or simply by visiting us. 

Chose your Gemstones:

Once the design has been confirmed we are able to utalise our many contacts in the gem fields and gem dealers to supply precious, semi-precious gemstones and diamonds of all grades and cuts with many options to suit your design and budget. Alternatively if you have your own gemstones we are happy to incorporate these into your design. 

Jewellery Make:

Keeping your budget in mind we have multiple options available for most jewellery makes.

For a top of the range jewellery item our esteemed jeweller, with over 50 years experience, can fully handcraft your design in our onsite workshop. We understand that fully hand made jewellery isn't affordable on all budgets so to ensure everyone can have a custom item crafted we also offer cad designed, custom cast and hand finished jewellery as well as fully cast and hand finished options. 

**If budget is an issue, we are always happy to provide multiple options at different price points or multiple gemstones of differing size and quality to ensure you are happy with the final product and don't end up blowing your carefully considered budget. 

Restore, Remodel or Remake?

With the greatest care and respect we can help you breath new life into your sentimental jewellery. 


With our team of experts and contacts in the gemmology field we can restore your weatherworn jewellery to its former glory, and match and replace and missing diamonds or precious gems. 


Sick of claw settings? Lets change it to a bezel setting. Can't wear your rings? How about we turn them into pendants. Have a yellow gold wedding set but you now wear white gold? Let's make the switch using top quality white gold. Ask us about any remodelling ideas you have, chances are they can be done!


If you have inherited a piece of jewellery that has sentimental value, but you don't think you'll ever wear it, we can use the metal and gemstones to help you come up with a new different design that you are happy with, but can still feel connected to the person who gave you the item every time you wear it. Much better than having it sitting in a jewellery box!

Watch & Clock Repairs

We offer an in store service to replace watch batteries while you wait. 

We can also replace pins, supply and change watchband, remove links & perform most other small fixes for your watch on the same day. 

For more complex repairs we utalise the talents of a traditional clock maker, who collects and drops off all watches & clocks twice a week. Our clockmaker is very skilled and can perform servicing on all quartz, mechanical and automatic watches, even high end Swiss watches. We also offer water pressure testing, glass replacement, and a host of other watch and clock repairs. Generally, these repairs take between one to two weeks unless the work is more complex.

Jewellery Appraisals & Gem Identification

Monbulk Jewellers understands that a beautiful piece of jewellery can be both an investment and a wonderful showpiece, come in anytime for a free safety and condition check, including stones and settings.

We offer insurance valuations and insurance quotes and can liaise with insurance companies on your behalf to assist you in getting a satisfactory replacement of your damaged, lost or stolen jewellery items.

With gemmologists and gem experts we are able to identify, cut and apraise any gemstone you would like identified. 

We have an award winning gemmologist and diamond grader who is able to scientifically identify your gemstones using specialised equipment. We will inform you as to whether they are natural, enhanced, synthetic or imitation gemstones and can grade your diamonds.

Costume Jewellery Repairs

At Monbulk Jewellers, we know that just because it isn't worth a million dollars doesn't mean it isn't priceless to you. 

We repair costume jewellery, we replace lost stones, marcasites, mirror backs, seed pearls & imitation pearls. We lead solder. We glue Assist repair. 

If you have a sentimental item that cannot be repaired by traditional methods or that has been turned away by other jewellers please bring it by, we will always do everything in our power to find a solution and repair anything that means the world to you.


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